Friday, August 14, 2009

Pisang Goreng Rangup!!!!

This is a true story (from my friend).

Mum said my uncle saw it in Tunjang (Kedah) and the pasar malam in Titi Chai Kangar (Perlis) where goreng
pisang was sold on afternoons.

The hawker added a plastic drinking straw into a wok of hot oil and let it melt completely before he started to fry
some bananas in the bubbling oil.

This is why some fried bananas and ubi are so crispy... for hours...!!

My uncle asked the hawker about this, but the hawker did not answer him. When my uncle told my mum about
this, they realised this is how the hawkers ensure that fried food stays crispy for their customers. My mum said
that in Thailand, they do the same thing to keep fried ikan bilis and fried onions crispy, even if left in the open for

Another time, I was with my family in Cameron Highlands. It was 3:00 pm and we were hanging around the
market area, where there were several hawker stalls..

At one of them, there was a big wok of boiling oil with an empty plastic bottle floating in it and slowly melting. At
first I thought it had fallen into the oil accidentally, but then I saw a little girl, about 7-years old, holding a pair of
chopsticks and stirring the bottle around in the hot oil.

I realised, Oh my God... these people were using melted plastic to fry food, so that the fried snacks would not turn
soft when it cooled down later.

Please forward to all your friends... DO NOT EAT CRISPY FRIED SNACKS from the hawkers!! Even if you
don't see them melting the plastic in oil, they might have added the plastic a few hours before. After all, they keep the
black oil for next day's frying as well, to save cost on cooking oil.

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